Greetings all.

The following information includes details on:

  • Upcoming referee meeting

  • Awards for referee miles and deadline to order

REFEREE REWARDS, order before 6/30/18

For the last season or two, all of you have helped out by refereeing. Some of you have done a handful of games, others more and still others even more than that. For every assignment that was covered, it meant that our players were able to have someone overlooking their match and making sure it was safe, fair and fun for them all.

We are grateful for that time you dedicated to our players and for the efforts you made to become a referee. It is certainly not an easy job but it is an essential part of what we do, and you understand that.

Aside from saying thanks, we offer our Referee Rewards Program as a way to show our appreciation. Attached is the order form, which shows the number of miles you collected over the Spring 2018 and Fall 2017 seasons combined. Also attached is the brochure. Take a look at the brochure and order form. Go ahead and order away!

Below are the links to the order form as well as brochure. When ordering, separate your items out by grid. I have examples at the very top. Also, if you want a women’s style refereejersey, please indicate. Otherwise we will order you the standard style.

Deadline to order is June 30th. 

Our Referee Update meeting will be held Aug. 19  from 1:30-3:30 at the Rubidoux Library. We’ll hand these out then, so plan on attending. It is very difficult for us to get them out to you in a timely manner afterward so please make every effort to attend.

Any questions let us know.


If the first broacher link doesn't work try this one.