Jurupa Cup for the Fall 2018 season will be held on December 1st

Check your Volunteer Points to see if your team is headed to the Jurupa Cup and to see what you need to do to help your team get there.

Field Map

Tournament Rules

Game Schedule

Jurupa Cup is the most fun day of the season for most of our players. It is the last day of the season but it also provides some moments of great soccer and great passion. For our U-10 through U-14 divisions, Jurupa Cup is typically an elimination tournament where champions will be crowned.

However, not just any team can get into the tournament. Teams must qualify for Jurupa Cup, and they do that by compiling volunteer points, as stated below.

Region Rules & Guidelines

ITEM 25 – Team Volunteer Commitment

U10 to U14 each team must provide three (3) referees to cover their weekly referee assignment.  The referee assignment shall consist of one (1) center referee and two (2) assistant referees each week for either a scheduled or stand by game.  U8 each team must provide one (1) referee to cover their weekly referee assignment.

It will be the responsibility of each team to ensure that they have fulfilled each of their commitments and failure to fulfill the commitments will prevent the team from advancing to the Jurupa Cup tournament which determines eligibility to advance to Area/Section playoffs.

To be eligible for Jurupa Cup tournament, each team will be required to earn the minimum required points as designated by the Jurupa Cup committee.

            U5 = 10 points

            U6 & U8 = 25 points

            U9 - U14 = 48 points

ITEM 26 – Post Season Play

Post season play begins at the conclusion of the 10th game.  All post season play will require completion of team volunteer commitments. Teams that do not fulfill the referee and regional commitments set forth in Item 25 above will be ineligible to advance to post season play. Jurupa Region 462 Rules and Regulations supersede any tournament and/or inter-regional rules and regulations.