Q: When and where will the tournament be held?

A: March 16 through 18, 2018 at Rancho Jurupa Regional Sports Park (5249 Crestmore Rd, 92509). Matches on Friday, March 16 will only feature local teams in 12-U, 14-U and/or 16-U divisions, depending on participating teams.


Q: How much does this tournament cost?

A: For 10-U, $425. For 12-U, 14-U and 16-U, $450. Teams must also submit a refundable $225 referee deposit.


Q: Are there any other sites for games?

A: No. What sets us apart from other nearby tournaments it that all of our matches will be held in one place. On top of that, our place is pretty awesome - turf fields, lighted grass fields on one side, spacious grass fields on another. Plenty of parking. This is a soccer-only facility and a great place to play a couple of games.


Q: Are the fields in good shape?

A: Yes. The park shuts down most of the grass fields over the winter to allow them to rehab. The synthetic surfaces are as smooth as they were when the park first opened. The turf has not aged much, if at all.


Q: How many games will my team play?

A: Guaranteed three games. Championship matches will be held Sunday afternoon-ish.


Q: How often will scores be updated?

A: As soon as we can after the match. Some tournaments update scores after all matches are done, and some only do it on site. We will post scores and have standings available online and in person fairly quickly after matches.


Q: Are there rainout dates?

A: If the rain gods don't comply, we will shift the tournament over to the following weekend, March 23-25, 2018.


Q: What's the check-in process like?

A: Pretty smooth. We try to have teams check in near the fields where they will play their games. As the tournament nears, we will put out check-in information, but the 16s and 14s will check in near the turf fields while the 12s and 10s will check in near the fields where they will play. It's worked pretty well in prior tournaments.


Q: I have a Select team and we have a game on that day. Will you work with me?

A: Yes. We will work around your Select schedule. In 2017, Area R had agreed to black out the weekend for our tournament but the tournament never materialized. We hope to have a similar agreement in place. Regardless, wherever your Select team plays, we'll work with you.


Q: I still have some questions. Who can I ask these questions to?

A: Just fill out the form below and we'll do our best to answer the questions you throw our way. Hope to see you in March!


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