Executive Staff

Doug Covey; Commissioner                                                             RCAYSO462@gmail.com

Tiffany Guthrie; Asst. Commissioner (Administration)                            ARC462@gmail.com

Open; Asst. Commissioner (Programs)                                      ARCprograms462@gmail.com

Tiffany Guthrie; Child / Volunteer Protection Advocate                          ARC462@gmail.com

Lisa Martinez; Regional Registrar                                                        Registrar462@gmail.com

Mark Tyo; Regional Referee Administrator                                RegionReferee462@gmail.com

Jose Alcaraz, Regional Coach Administrator                               462coach@gmail.com

Irma Ochoa; Safety Director                                                      SafetyDirector462@gmail.com

Karina Carranza; Treasurer                                                                 Treasurer462@gmail.com


Board Staff

Rafael Martinez, Management Instructor

Tiffany Guthrie, Management Instructor

Claudia Cortez, Secretary                                                                         Secretary462@gmail.com

Elisabeth Covey, Team Parent Coordinator                                           TeamParent462@gmail.com

Jackie Casillas,  VIP Program Administrator                                            AYSO462VIP@gmail.com

Raquel Cabrera, Special Event Coordinator                                  regionevent462@gmail.com           

Luis Bueno, Competitive Programs Coordinator                                    JurupaFC462@gmail.com

Artemio Covarrubias, Equipment Manager

Chris Napier, Assistant Field/Equipment Manager

Chris Barajas, Social Media & Website Administrator                             Website462@gmail.com

OPEN,  Sponsorship Coordinator

Elizabeth Garner, Regional Auditor

Amber Coulter, Regional Statistician                                                          Stats462@gmail.com

Tiffany Guthrie, Purchaser

Mary Mejia, Concession Administrator


Referee Staff

, Assistant Referee Administrator                                 RegionReferee462@gmail.com

Ed Williams, Referee Assessor                                                     RefereeAssessment@ayso1r.org

Ed Williams & Luis Bueno, Referee Instructors

Coach Staff

Chuck Neve & Rafael Martinez, Coach Instructors                                                            

OPEN, Player Development Coordinator

Monica Alonso, 14U Division Coordinator                                  14Udivision@gmail.com

Luz Alcala & Jr. Mora, U12 Division Coordinators                       12Udivision@gmail.com

Lyrose & Ronnie Cabreros, 10U Division Coordinators                 10Udivision@gmail.com

OPEN U8 Division Coordinator                                             U8coordinator462@gmail.com

Amber Sickler, U6 Division Coordinator                                       u6coordinator@gmail.com

Terry Moreno, U5 Program Coordinator                                        tmoreno462@gmail.com


OPEN, Asst. U5 Coordinator

Amber Fulk, U4 Program Coordinator

Chuck Neve, U5 Master Coach


AYSO Board Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month.

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm at the Jurupa Lions Club, 5981 Limonite Ave, Jurupa Valley, CA 92509 

For more information contact the Regional Commissioner at (951) 777-4462



Jurupa AYSO Region 462

PO Box 472

Jurupa Valley, CA 91752