Refund Policy

Region Rules & Regulations, Item - 2, Paragraph - D

Refunds: Each parent during sign-ups shall receive notice that there will be no refunds. The Regional board may review special circumstances. All refunds must be requested by a parent or guardian in writing and approved by the Regional Commissioner and Registrar.


1. Any player who withdraws prior to participating in the first practice and game of the season shall be entitled to a full refund of their registration fee only provided that the player/parent submits a request for refund by completing the form below and returns the unused uniform.

2. Any player who withdraws after participating in the first practice or game of the season shall not be entitled to a refund of the registration fee.

4. All drop requests must be submitted no later than second season game.


1. Parent/Guardian: The parent requesting the drop must obtain a Player Drop Form, fill out the "Parent section", sign, and submit the form to or turn in at the Board Tent. This form can be obtained from the team coach or AYSO website located under Documents, or at the Board Tent Booth.

 2. Coach: The team coach must turn in white copy of the Player Registration Form to the Registrar or Board Tent to complete the drop request.

3. Registrar: The Registrar must insure the Player Drop Form and the original Player Registration Form are completely filled out and signed in order to process the refund. Registrar will then submit the forms to Region Treasurer.

4. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for a Refund (if approved) to be processed.