Thank you volunteering! It is a fun and rewarding experience! There is also some steps to take before that happens.

First step: Make a profile on our Blue Sombrero site. Then, visit and go from there. This is a new system so we'll work out the kinks eventually.

Any person wishing to volunteer in AYSO must complete an AYSO Volunteer Application Form in eAYSO each year and submit an e-signed copy to the region and consent to a criminal background check. All requested information must be provided by the applicant, including Social Security number, driver license number (or other government-issued photo ID) and date of birth. Criminal background checks ensure the safety of our children. For more information on AYSO’s Background Check Policy, click here.

Second Step: Complete the Safe Haven course by visiting AYSO Training. Safe Haven is a training session that focuses on safety and appropriate behavior with children. For more information about Safe Haven, click here.

Third Step: Take a coach/referee course. Coaching courses up to the U-10 level certification are available online, at AYSO Training. To become certified at the U-12, Intermediate, Advanced and National levels, you must complete an in-person course. Available courses are listed on The only referee course available at AYSO Training is the Basic Online Companion Course, and to become fully certified that way, you must complete a companion course in person. For those classes and other available referee classes, please visit For management courses such as Child Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA), Treasurer or Registrar, there are select courses available via webinars. For more information on webinars, click here.

Fourth Step: Let us know! If you have not communicated with us prior to getting to the fourth step, please do so! If you have reached out, then you are well on your way to becoming another helping hand within our region, and we thank you.