2019-20 Extra teams information

Player applications

Please note: All player applications and Parent Pledge forms are online; please use a computer, tablet or mobile device to fill out the application prior to trying out. Application only valid if player uses proper link.

Boys 10-U (born 2011 and 2010 ONLY) - Application link

Boys 12-U (born 2009 and 2008 ONLY) - Application link

Boys 14-U (born 2007 and 2006 ONLY) - Application link

Girls 10-U (born 2011 and 2010 ONLY) - Application link

We will not have tryouts for any divisions not listed above.

Tryout times and dates

Boys 10-U - May 23 and May 30

Boys 12-U - May 23 and May 30

Boys 14-U - May 22 and May 29

Girls 10-U - May 22 and May 29


Additional Information

Players interested in participating in our Extra program for the 2019-2020 season must have a parent fill out an online application AND a Parent Pledge form prior to trying out. All players must attend at least one tryout session and may attend two.

Parent Pledge form

Form accessible here

Please fill out one form for each player along with a player application

About Extra

EXTRA is designed to provide a more challenging level of play for those players who possess the appropriate interest, skills and abilities and to enhance each player's experience and individual growth through the game of soccer while retaining the spirit and organization of AYSO. The goal of EXTRA is to strengthen AYSO by retaining players and volunteers in additional primary programs operated under the AYSO philosophies.

Please note: Extra teams require Extra Time, Extra Travel and Extra Commitment!

Section 1 East Extra Web site

Section 1 Extra East guidelines

National Extra rules and regulations

 EXTRA Coaching

Our coaches have met the following requirements as set forth by the Extra guidelines

  • Current AYSO volunteer application filed and accepted by NSTC

  • Coach certification requirement per National, Section and Regional Guidelines

  • 9U-10U: 12-U required; 11U-12U: 12-U required; 13-U and above: Intermediate

  • Recommended one level higher: 9U-12U - Intermediate; 13U and above Advanced

  • AYSO Safe Haven

  • Referee Certified

  • CDC Concussion Certification

  • Minimum 2 Years coaching experience

  • Selection Committee approval

  • Regional Commissioner approval

  • Completed a coach application form that can be found here: Coach Application


About the Program

Jurupa Region 462 is committed to developing a world-class competitive soccer program that is focused on providing a more challenging environment and enhancing the training and development for our more serious soccer players.  All interested players will attend a try-out in the spring each year, where they will be evaluated by an assessment team.  Players who are chosen to participate will be notified shortly after the last try-out.  Unlike the standard Fall season, EXTRA teams will be formed for a one year period and compete against other EXTRA teams through the Inland Empire. This program is geared toward the top 10-20 percent of players in each division.

Parents and Players

Participation in the EXTRA program requires a higher level of commitment from both parents and players.  Unlike the standard recreational program(s) the Region offers, the EXTRA program demands more time and commitment and needs to be the player’s primary sports commitment.  Players who participate in the EXTRA program cannot play in another competitive soccer program (ie. Club).  Your attendance at all team functions (practices, games, tournaments, and other events) is not only expected, but it is critical to a successful season.  Parents and players are expected to adhere to all rules and regulations, the Philosophies of AYSO, and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner both on and off the pitch and treat others with respect.

2017-18 Teams

For the upcoming season, we will have teams separated by birth year to remain compliant with US Soccer's player development initiatives.

Children born in 2010 will be 9-U (nine and under)

2009: 10-U

2008: 11-U

2007: 12-U

2006: 13-U

2005: 14-U

(Please note: Children born in 2011 or later are not eligible to participate in or try out for Extra for the 2018-19 season)


For any questions about our Extra program, please fill out the following form. Thank you!

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