Executive Staff

Doug Covey; Commissioner                                                             RCAYSO462@gmail.com

Tiffany Guthrie; Asst. Commissioner (Administration)                            ARC462@gmail.com

Open; Asst. Commissioner (Programs)                                      ARCprograms462@gmail.com

Tiffany Guthrie; Child / Volunteer Protection Advocate                          ARC462@gmail.com

Lisa Martinez; Regional Registrar                                                        Registrar462@gmail.com

Mark Tyo; Regional Referee Administrator                                RegionReferee462@gmail.com

Jose Alcaraz, Regional Coach Administrator                               462coach@gmail.com

Irma Ochoa; Safety Director                                                      SafetyDirector462@gmail.com

Karina Carranza; Treasurer                                                                 Treasurer462@gmail.com


Board Staff

Rafael Martinez, Management Instructor

Tiffany Guthrie, Management Instructor

Claudia Cortez, Secretary                                                                         Secretary462@gmail.com

Elisabeth Covey, Team Parent Coordinator                                           TeamParent462@gmail.com

Jackie Casillas,  VIP Program Administrator                                            AYSO462VIP@gmail.com

Raquel Cabrera, Special Event Coordinator                                  regionevent462@gmail.com           

Luis Bueno, Competitive Programs Coordinator                                    JurupaFC462@gmail.com

Artemio Covarrubias, Equipment Manager

Chris Napier, Assistant Field/Equipment Manager

Chris Barajas, Social Media & Website Administrator                             Website462@gmail.com

OPEN,  Sponsorship Coordinator

Elizabeth Garner, Regional Auditor

Amber Coulter, Regional Statistician                                                          Stats462@gmail.com

Tiffany Guthrie, Purchaser

Mary Mejia, Concession Administrator


Referee Staff

, Assistant Referee Administrator                                 RegionReferee462@gmail.com

Ed Williams, Referee Assessor                                                     RefereeAssessment@ayso1r.org

Ed Williams & Luis Bueno, Referee Instructors

Coach Staff

Chuck Neve & Rafael Martinez, Coach Instructors                                                            

OPEN, Player Development Coordinator

Monica Alonso, 14U Division Coordinator                                  14Udivision@gmail.com

Luz Alcala & Jr. Mora, U12 Division Coordinators                       12Udivision@gmail.com

Lyrose & Ronnie Cabreros, 10U Division Coordinators                 10Udivision@gmail.com

OPEN U8 Division Coordinator                                             U8coordinator462@gmail.com

Amber Sickler, U6 Division Coordinator                                       u6coordinator@gmail.com

Terry Moreno, U5 Program Coordinator                                        tmoreno462@gmail.com


OPEN, Asst. U5 Coordinator

Amber Fulk, U4 Program Coordinator

Chuck Neve, U5 Master Coach


AYSO Board Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month from the hours of

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm at the Jurupa Lions Club, 5981 Limonite Ave, Jurupa Valley, CA 92509 

For more information contact the Regional Commissioner at (951) 777-4462



Jurupa AYSO Region 462

PO Box 472

Jurupa Valley, CA 91752